Vista Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Cameron Highland Day Trip

A March Day Trip
27 Mar

Cameron Highland Day Trip

Cameron Highland for a day trip. This is our first trip since the first day of our operation. Located no more than 250 km from our Lawangsuite.

We tried to repeat again what we did couple years ago. Exact step and place to go.

We reached Tapah around 8.30 am and our first destination is gerai nasi campur not far away from the junction climbing to Ch. This time the food is not so good, it is too cold and tasteless, as compared to our first attempt.

Next station is Mardi Research Centre….

Our trip

The Boys


Mama and Husna

Aiman and Haarith

For the flora lovers….

Bunga Tahi Ayam



Must climb to the top to have a bollywood kind of feeling…

The Hill


Feel so grateful and happy when we can see the smile of this beautiful woman despite of the hardship to get her green light to be on the board.



Tea session and it was raining….

Boh Tea Station

They requested to self pick the strawberry before we heading down to Shah Alam. Hahahahaha haha, they are so excited even just to cut off the strawberry ‘cord’ …

Subhanallah, it was only a day trip but alhamdulillah so meaningful ….

Before leaving, we stopped at a mosque in Ringlets to sum up our zohor and asar prayer…









It was the wrap up of our Cameron Highland Day Trip


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