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Maestro Card ATM in Shah Alam

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8 Jun

Maestro Card ATM in Shah Alam

We have a Netherlands guest check in to our apartment in this week. We love to serve him as he kept in touch with us since the early day of his booking through He has triggered us on the need of finding the ATM Machines which can accept the Maestro Card ATM in Shah Alam.

It is quite hard to find the ATM machines with this logo. With the help of google, we finally found that HSBC ATM Machines are able to accommodate this need. We drove him to this branch.

 Maestro Card ATM in Shah Alam

My Netherlander got some hiccup with his credit card and the machine which at the end the card has been swallowed by the machine. We asked for help from the officers and being explained by them that by procedure, any swallowed international card will be destroyed in order to avoid misuse and misconduct due to the inability of verification of the card ownership.

They advised the Netherlander to get contact with his bank and email the confirmation. With details explanation and latest internet banking, finally the officers agreed to release the card. The officers of this bank is very helpful.

This bank is not only supply ATM with Maestro Card ATM ready in Shah Alam but the officers are all ready to help and serve you.



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