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Pantai Puteri, Melaka

Hashimiz Vacation
24 Mar

Pantai Puteri, Melaka

We take a short break to Pantai Puteri Melaka. It is located 145 km from our Lawangsuite in Shah Alam. We chose AKN Family Chalet as our one night stay. The owner used to stay with us when coming to Shah Alam.

It is a highly recommended place where the shore is within 300 meters away from the chalet. Very clean and comfort…

AKN stand for Abdul Kahar and N for the wife..


Next to this accommodation is the house of the owner, thus if you need anything, just knock the door but please don’t do it after 10 pm and above….the owner also has his right not to disturb.

An evening activity and the core reason of coming to Pantai Puteri

The splashing of the wave, fighting and competing to reach the shore..

And here is the core of business mentor, even we are not big but we are thankful to Allah SWT with our size alhamdulillah…

Our business Mentor

The followings are among the uniqueness of this side of Melaka:

There is no promise that the sun will come again tomorrow, but human always think so….

She said “to be by the shore means to have a seafood as our dinner”

Waiting time is about 45 minutes, the taste is the same as the one cooked with modern gas stove but the uniqueness is the one which make it different

After finishing our breakfast then packing up the goods, we are finally heading back to our lawangsuite in Shah Alam. The value of a journey is not the longer period that it takes but the volume of experience and history that we creates throughout the chain of our visit.

Bye bye Pantai Puteri, Melaka


Hashim (Founder of Lawangsuite)…

AKN FAMILY CHALET is contactable via his owner phone number Tuan Haji Kahar (Call him Pak Haji) at +60122625010


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